Jenifer & David write musicals for young and old alike to perform and enjoy. On this website you'll find a synopsis of each show (with mp3 samples of the songs) as well as photographs from the original productions. Use the links on the left, or pictures below, to browse our catalogue. Use the links on the right if you'd like to do your own production of one of our shows, want to customise them to suit your company, or would like permission to use these scrumptious illustrations for your production.

The Curious Quest for
the Sandman's Sand

Skool & Crossbones

Shake, Ripple & Roll

(a Greek Myth-Adventure)

For even more shows, click on the links to the right to see other shows by David Perkins, other shows by Jenifer Toksvig, and even more scrumptious artwork by Simon Pearsall. Wherever you go, click on the little pink Snoodle Werp to bring you home.