We completely understand that every individual group has its own specific requirements. We like to help make the show work perfectly for you. All we ask is that you get in touch with us. Click here to do that via Samuel French Ltd.
It's illegal to make a change without consulting us, but if you contact us we will help you for free! Please make sure you've got the performing rights before you contact us. (We do inform Samuel French Ltd of any permissions we give for changes.) Here are a few requests that are frequently made with regard to customising shows:
"I've got a huge cast to accommodate, and it would be great if they could all have something to say. Can you help?"
Yes, we can! We have a specific way for each show to be customised so everyone gets a line of dialogue. Absolutely everyone, no matter how large your cast! Just get in touch with us, tell us which show you're doing and we'll email you the details.
"I just have a few extra people. Can I add another minor character / split a main character into two parts?"
Whatever you'd like to do, just email us the details. It's likely someone else has done the same thing before, and we already have ways to help you add in just one or two people. Please don't just go ahead and do this without asking, because we already have extra character names we'd like you to use, and there are some specific details we'd like to give you.
"I've got lots of great dancers in my cast. Can I extend the instrumental sections to allow for more dancing?"
Absolutely. Just get in touch with us, tell us which bits you'd like to extend, and we'll help you do so.
"Can I add some well-known, real 1950s pop songs into Shake, Ripple & Roll? Something by Elvis, for example?"
Unfortunately, no. That would be an illegal breach of the copyright in those songs. Even if you had permission from those copyright owners, we would not agree to it. Please do not add any extra songs or instrumental music of any kind to any of our shows.
"Can I put an interval into The Curious Quest for the Sandman's Sand / Skool & Crossbones / Shake, Ripple & Roll?"
Yes, and if you get in touch with us, we'll tell you the best place to put it.
"Have you got any suggestions for how to stage the show?"
In the front of each script you'll find notes on the original staging of all our shows, and some tips on how to stage them simply and effectively.
"Where can I find a jukebox for Shake, Ripple & Roll?"
We hired one from a prop-hire company. We stood it on a box we'd made that opened at the front to reveal the 'safe door'. The jukebox didn't actually work; the song played on the jukebox was played through the main sound system. However, you could hide a speaker under or behind the jukebox. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could build yourself a jukebox!
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