Pandemonium! (a Greek Myth-adventure)

Click on the pink song titles to hear samples of the songs featuring Richard Costello and Neil Clench from the Edinburgh Festival production.
The mortals on Earth sing a PRAYER to Zeus, King of the Gods. They rarely pray these days, and this time Zeus has had just about enough. Ever since he agreed with Hades that he'd rule the perfect Earth and let his brother rule over evil in the Underworld, he's been bored and unappreciated. He decides to throw a thunderbolt into the works down on Earth, and conjures up a mysterious Box.
His wife Hera arrives and, as usual, they argue. She stomps off to Earth, to attend the wedding of Epimetheus and Pandora. Epimetheus created all the animals on Earth, and Zeus has made him a bride as a gift for all his hard work. at the end of the prologue, Zeus summons Hermes, his deliveryman, to take the Box down to the wedding... secretly.