Pandemonium! (a Greek Myth-Adventure)

"Pandemonium! (a Greek Myth-Adventure)" was developed at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, in the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, from which Jenifer graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree.
In April 2001 the show premiered in a reading at the Black Box Theatre on 2nd Ave in Manhattan. The company consisted of 8 professional adult performers, and a professional director and musical director. This fine group of professionals were of invaluable assistance with this project, and we thank them with all our hearts.
Musical Direction by MAT EISENSTEIN

The New York Cast

Echo, Eurydice, Theseus Farah Alvin
Hera Wanda L. Houston
Icarus, Midas, Jason Rob Maitner
Zeus Raymond Jaramillo McLeod
Orpheus, Daedalus, Dionysus, Odysseus Kevyn Morrow
Epimetheus, Heracles Jeffrey Todd
Eros, Narcissus, Hades, Perseus Michael Winther
Pandora Kristin Woodbury
Sarah Schlesinger & the faculty of GMTWP
Cycle X
Mindi Dickstein
Ellie Jones
Robert Lee
Chris Miller
Nathan Tysen
For further information about the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, visit their website: GMTWP