Skool & Crossbones

It's a bright Caribbean morning and the children of the Island are beginning their day. They sing of the TROPICAL ISLAND RHYTHM that greets them every morning: the chatter of Hummingbirds, the gentle breezes blowing through the leaves of the palm trees, the waves rolling softly onto the sand.
We meet Alexander, Laura, Cuffee & Quashie, and others who live on the Island. During this scene, we also meet Fafa. His father is the God of the Sun, and the poor kid wants to go down to the island and get some practical experience of being a god, but his father reminds him that he can only go down there if he's summoned. This is the day of the Sun God, and we see the Islanders in a lively PRAYER TO THE GODS. As they're in the middle of the song, a ship sails up to the island.